Skin Refining Body Polish

45 minutes, $75

Feel stress melt away as your skin is gently massaged using a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral salts, and essential oils to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.



Seaweed Wrap

1 to 1.25 hours, $95

Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while your skin detoxifies and absorbs intense benefits from the rich array of minerals, micronized vitamins and enzymes naturally abundant in this French seaweed.


...with Body Polish

2 hours, $160


Skin Smoothing Cellulite Treatments

1.25 hours, $95

This treatment acts to improve skinís puffy appearance by decreasing stagnation and toxic retention.  It smoothes the skin and strengthens the tissues, stimulates blood circulation leaving the skin hydrated, smoother and softer.


...with Body Polish

2 hours, $160


Aromatherapy Body Treatment

1 hour, $75

Relax your mind while detoxifying and rejuvenating your body.


...with Body Polish

 1 hour and 45 minutes, $140